Appendix of

Přehled Elektronek 1956

translated to English

by Ing. Petr Jeníček.
List is sorted in alphabetical order, separately for Latin alphabet and for Greece alphabet. In list have higher precedence small letters before capital letters. Numbers in indexes have higher precedence then letters. Symbols of quantities are printed by italic, symbols of units and abbreviations of terms are printed normally.

a anode
ad parted (divided) anode
A Ampere (quantity of electric current)
Å Angstrom (wavelength 10-8 cm)
A1 telegraphic operation
A3 telephone operation
AVC automatic gain control (AGC)
b base (category 16, 17)
bs tube for driver stage in amplifier, working in class B
B photocell sensitive to white light (category 14)
B cathode-ray tube with white luminescent screen (category 13)
Bp overloading immunity of crystal diodes
c collector (class 16, 17)
c/s cycle per second, Hertz
C capacity
°C degrees Celsius
Ca1a2 capacity between anodes of first and second diode
Ca1a3 capacity between anodes of first and third diode
Ca1k capacity between anode of first diode and cathode (or filament)
Ca2a3 capacity between anodes of second and third diode
Ca2k capacity between anode of second diode and cathode (or filament)
Ca3k capacity between anode of third diode and cathode (or filament)
Ca4k capacity between anode of fourth diode and cathode (or filament)
Cag capacity between anode and first grid
Cag2 capacity between anode and second grid
Cag3 capacity between anode and third grid
Cak capacity between anode and cathode (or filament)
Cb capacity of base
Cb1 capacity of base 1
Cb2 capacity of base 2
Ckd capacity between anode of diode and cathode (in combined tubes)
Cfk capacity between filament and cathode
Cg1g2 capacity between first and second grid
Cg2k capacity between second grid and cathode
Cg3k capacity between third grid and cathode
Cgk capacity between grid and cathode
Cv input capacity
Cvs output capacity
Cvst input capacity of filter for suppression of ripple
Čphotocell sensitive to red light (category 14)
d total distortion [%]
dB decibel
det detection
det/a anode detection
det/g grid detection
dis discriminator
D diode
D penetrance
ef root-mean-square value, RMS
em emitter (category 16, 17)
es electrostatic (deflection, focusing)
Em tube for measuring purpose
Epp tube for intermittent duty
Es combined tube
Esv beam tetrode
ES mixer tube
ES+osc mixer tube with oscillator
Ešptube for amplifier with wide bandwidth
Etp tube for unintermittent duty
f filament
f frequency
f50% frequency, in which operational values may reach 50 % of limit values.
f75% frequency, in which operational values may reach 75 % of limit values.
f100% frequency, in which operational values may reach 100 % of limit values.
ff tube with two filaments
fff tube with three filaments
fm frequency modulation
fmax maximal frequency
fmin max frequency range
F Farad (unity of capacity)
g grid
g1 first grid
g2 second grid
g2+a second grid connected to anode
g3 third grid
g3+a third grid connected to anode
g4 fourth grid
g5 fifth grid
g6 sixth grid
G power gain
Gc/s gigacycle per second (109 c/s, giga Hertz)
Ge germanium
H cathode-ray tube with brown luminescent screen (category 13)
ind indicator
ind 1 the first indication part
ind 2 the second indication part
inf photocell sensitive to infra-red light
ip value in pulse operation
Ia anode current
Ia0 quiescent current (without excitation)
Ia max maximal anode current
Ia max = maximal rectified anode current
Iap average anode current
Ia sig max anode current on maximum signal
Ia vh limit peak anode current
Iaz vh limit peak reverse anode current
Ib1 current of base 1
Ib2 current of base 2
Ic collector current
Id diode current (on diodes in combined tubes only)
Id vh limit peak diode current (on diodes in combined tubes only)
Idz vh limit peak reverse diode current (on diodes in combined tubes only)
Iem emitter current
If filament current
If max maximal filament current
Ig1 current of first grid
Ig2 current of second grid
Ig2 sig max current of second grid on maximal signal
Ig3 current of third grid
Ig3g5 current of third and fifth grid
Ig4 current of fourth grid
Ig max maximal current of grid
Igo grid current in oscillator
Ig vh limit peak grid current
Ik cathode current
Ik2 secondary emissive current
Ike emissive cathode current
Ik max maximal cathode current
Ik vh limit peak cathode current
Imax maximal current
Imax 1 limit current in maximal duration 1 minute
Imin minimum current
Imin max current range
Ip imp limit pulse current in forward direction
Ip min minimum forward current on voltage 1 V
Ip stř limit average current in forward direction
Iss maximal rectified current
Ist screen current
Itd current in heating wire, whereat originate electromotive force 12 mV
Izb residual current (category 16, 17)
Iz max maximal reverse current for specific voltage
k cathode
kc/s kilocycle per second (103 c/s, kilo Hertz)
ke ceramics
kv metal
kV kilo Volt (103 V)
kW kilo Watt (103 W)
kilo Ω
K amplification (factor)
Kv power gain (dB)
KP pentode for output stage
KPP dual pentode for output stage
KT triode for output stage
KTt tetrode for output stage
KTT dual triode for output stage
L inductivity
m external shield (metallizing)
max maximal value (on currents and voltages it is limit root-mean-square value)
mg magnetic (deflection, focusing)
mikro microfonic amplification
min minimum value; minute
mod modulator; modulation
mod % depth of modulation
mod/a anode modulation
mod/ai anode pulse modulation
mod/a+g2 common modulation on anode and second grid
mod/g grid modulation
mod/g1 modulation on first grid
mod/g2 modulation on second grid
mod/g3 modulation on third grid
mod/ip pulse modulation
mp mechanical strength
mA mili Ampere (10-3 A)
mH mili Henry (10-3 H)
mV mili Volt (10-3 V)
mW mili Watt (10-3 W)
M photocell sensitive to blue light (category 14)
M cathode-ray tube with blue luminescent screen (category 13)
Mc/s megacycle per second (106 c/s, mega Hertz)
MB cathode-ray tube with blue-white luminescent screen (category 13)
mega Ω (106 Ω)
nH nano Henry (10-9 H)
N number determining dividing voltage in stabiliser
NE electron multiplier tube
osc oscillator, intended as oscillator (adjective)
ov tap in filament
O cathode-ray tube with orange luminescent screen (category 13)
P cathode-ray tube with long afterglow (category 13)
pento pentode connection
pg space charge grid
pp gas-filled tube (or mercury vapour)
pF pico Farad (10-12 F)
Po anode dissipation
Po max limit anode dissipation
Pa anode power input
Pa max limit anode power input
Pb driving power
Pg0 max limit dissipation in control grid
Pg2 dissipation in screen grid
Pn surge power
P šd/PšR noise temperature (ratio of noise power of diode to noise power of resistance)
Pv output power
PP push-pull connection
r cathode-ray tube with short afterglow (category 13)
R active resistance
Ra anode working (matching) external resistance
Raa working (matching) resistance from anode to anode (in push pull connection)
Rad anode filtration resistor
Ra min minimum anode resistance
Rb base resistance
Rb1 resistance of base 1
Rb2 resistance of base 2
Rb1b2 resistance between bases 1 and 2
Rc collector resistance
Rem emitter resistance
Rf resistance of filament (or heating wire)
Rfk resistance between filament and cathode
Rg1 bleeder resistor on first grid
Rg1 max limit bleeder resistor on first grid
Rg2 serial resistor on second grid
Rg1g3 common bleeder resistor od first and third grid
Rg2g4 common serial resistor od second and fourth grid
Rg3 bleeder resistor on third grid
Rgo grid resistor in oscillator
Ri internal resistance
Ri max maximal internal resistance
Rk cathode resistor
Rp parallel resistance
Rš ekv equivalent noise resistance
R resistance of thermoelectric cell
Rt min minimum necessary resistance of winding in transformer
Rv input resistance (category 16, 17)
Rvs output resistance (category 16, 17)
Rz reverse resistance
s cathode-ray tube with middle afterglow (category 13)
sem secondary emission
sig signal; intended to working with signal (adjective)
sig max maximum signal
sig min minimum signal
sk glass
sv vertical deflection
S mutual conductance
Sd1d2 sensitivity of deflecting plates 1 and 2
Sd3d4 sensitivity of deflecting plates 3 and 4
Sef effective mutual conductance
Sg3 mutual conductance, when voltage of third grid varies
Si silicon (silicium)
Sp variable mutual conductance
Ss conversion transconductance
tetro tetrode connection
ti pulse width (duration)
tp hardened resin
trio triode connection
tžh warm-up time [min]
T triode
Tt tetrode
Tv television,  intended to television (adjective)
Ua anode voltage
Ua1 voltage of first anode
Ua2 voltage of second anode
Ua3 voltage of third anode
Ua ef output voltage (root-mean-square value)
Ua ip vh peak anode voltage in pulse operation
Ua max maximum anode voltage
Ua vh limit peak anode voltage (on diode)
Uaz vh limit peak reverse anode voltage
Ub supply voltage
Ub max maximum supply voltage
Uc collector voltage
Ud diode voltage (in combined tubes only)
Ud1 voltage on first diode (in combined tubes only)
Ud2 voltage on second diode (in combined tubes only)
Ud3 voltage on third diode (in combined tubes only)
Ud vh limit peak voltage on diode (in combined tubes)
Ue voltage between first and aftermost electrode in stabilizer
Uem emitter voltage
Uf filament voltage
Ufk max limit voltage between filament and cathode
- Ug1 negative bias voltage on first grid
Ug2 voltage of second grid
Ug2 max maximum voltage of second grid
Ug3 voltage of third grid
Ug3 max maximum voltage of third grid
Ug4 voltage of fourth grid
Ug4g6 voltage of fourth and sixth grid
Ug5 voltage of fifth grid
Ug ef voltage of first grid (root-mean-square value)
Ugg voltage between grids in push-pull connection
Ugg ef voltage between grids in push-pull connection (root-mean-square value)
Ug max maximum voltage of grid
Ugp limit of variable grid bias voltage
Ug vh limit peak voltage of first grid
Uk cathode voltage
Ukz voltage of secondary emission
Umax limit voltage
Uo oscillator voltage
Uo ef root-mean-square value of oscillator voltage
Uo vh peak oscillator voltage
Up operation voltage
Ust voltage of screen
Ut voltage of cell
Uv tube voltage drop
Uz reverse voltage
Uzap ignition voltage
vaku vacuum (adjective)
vh limit peak value
vo wax
vod water cooling
vs internal screening
vv horizontal deflection
vvf very high frequency
V Volt (unit of electric voltage)
Vys tube is using also as transmitting tube
W Watt (unit of electric power)
zes amplifier
zes ip pulse amplifier
zes mf intermediate-frequency amplifier
zes nf audio amplifier
zes vf high-frequency amplifier
zesv power amplifier
zesv nf audio power amplifier
zesv vf high-frequency power amplifier
zes A amplifier in class A
zes AB amplifier in class AB
zes B amplifier in class B
zes C amplifier in class C
zes O video amplifier
zp parallel connection
zs connection in series
zzg common grid circuit
zzk common cathode circuit
Z photocell sensitive to green light (category 14)
Z cathode-ray tube with green luminescent screen (category 13)
Zmf intermediate-frequency impedance
ZM cathode-ray tube with green-blue luminescent screen (category 13)
cathode-ray tube with green-yellow luminescent screen (category 13)
Ž cathode-ray tube with yellow luminescent screen (category 13)
α angle of screen
γ sensitivity
γ s deflection sensitivity of plates near the screen in CRT
θ temperature
θ o ambient tempetarure
θ max maximum operating temperatutre
θ min minimum operating temperatutre
λ min minimum wawelength
μ multiplication factor
μA mikro Ampere (10-6 A)
μF mikro Farad (10-6 F)
μH mikro Henry (10-6 H)
μV mikro Volt (10-6 V)
σ ratio between open-circuit voltage on secondary winding to current in primary winding on maximum primary load (approximative value)
Ω ohm (unity of electric resistance)