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Circuits/descriptions of instruments. (I don't have much of these so I don't intend to make this a large collection.)
(up)date Brand Description Type
  ±40 Short info for a lot of radio's sold in the Netherlands 1928..1952
(updated: all pages since 2001-02-10)
Radio-Vademecum (6,495,083 bytes) (nl)
  AVO AVO Valve Testers and other instruments AVO (html page)
2022-03-24 Central Electronics Multiphase Exiter model 20A model 20A (html page)
  DeTeWe German 'Volksempfaenger' VE301 GW Dyn from 1938. tubes: VF7, VL1, VY1 VE301 Dyn GW (html page)
  E. H. Scott Radio Receiving Equipment RCH RCH receiver (html page)
  E-H Research Laboratories inc 132A - Instruction Manual 132A (20,313,577 bytes)
  FP-DIY DIY Vibrator for Car radio Vibrator (html page)
2021-05-10 FP-DIY EL51 stereo power amplifier EL51-amp (html page)
2023-05-27 FP-DIY Phunsy - Micro-computer (no tubes) photo phunsy (html page)
  Friden What's left of my 1112 desktop calculator Friden 1112 (html page)
  Geloso Some Geloso stuff Geloso (html page)
  IME IME26 - Nixie tubes and lots of transistors IME26 (html page)
  Military uk Receiver R107 R107 (html page)
  Military uk Transmitter/Receiver TR1143 photo TR1143 (html page)
  Military us Receiver BC652A BC652A (html page)
  Military us Transmitter cicuit diagram T-271/GR (1,145,978 bytes)
  Military us Tubetesters TV7 (html page)
  MK Dutch DIY radio from the late 40's using: 2x ECH4, 1x EBL1, AZ1 Bantam (html page)
  Murphy V310, V310C & V310D Television Receivers Service Manual (4,302,191 bytes)
  Nijkerk DIY radio 1930 using: 373, E442, E424 and C443 NR3 wisselstroom (1,403,415 bytes) (nl)
  Nora German radio using: 2x REN804, 2x REN1004, RE134 or RE604, RGN1054 K5W (html page)
  Olympia RAE 4/15-2 - Early Electronic Calculator with ZM1080 Nixies RAE 4/15-2 (html page)
  Philips 25 Watts amplifier using: 2x 4689 photo 2843 (1,267,671 bytes) (de/nl)
  Philips 20 Watts amplifier using: EF40, ECC40, 2x EL34, AX50 2848 (772,640 bytes) (de)
  Philips 24 Watts amplifier using: 2x 4699 and EE1 2858 2864 (741,093 bytes) (nl)
  Philips 25 Watts amplifier using: 2x CF50, EF40, ECC40, 2x EL60, AX50, AZ41 3145 (1,309,359 bytes) (nl)
  Philips Small Radio, no circuit diagram. 37A (150,670 byte) (nl)
  Philips Radio using: AK2 AF3 AB2 AL4 AZ1 456A (235,044 bytes) (nl)
  Philips Radio (1933) for DC mains using: 2x B2052T, 2x B2038, B2043 630C (1,834,311 bytes) (nl)
  Philips Radio using: ECH3, EF9, EBL1, AZ1 680A-12 (716,054 bytes) (nl)
  Philips Radio using: 2x AF2, AB1, E446, E443H, 506 736A (1,613,202 bytes) (nl)
  Philips Transformerless 60 Watts HiFi Amplifier (Circlotron) 8122 035 00791 (~AG9007) (1966): 3x EF86, 4x EL36 photo photo photo 8122 035 00791 (1,727,399 bytes)
  Philips Tuner 1958 (ECC85, ECH81, EF89, EF89, EABC80, EC92, EZ80, EM84) photo A5X83A (html page)
  Philips HiFi amplifier using 2x2xEL86 (unusual power stage) AG9015 (1,161,447 bytes) (nl)
  Philips HiFi amplifier using 2x2xEL86 (unusual power stage) AG9018 (1,865,915 bytes) (nl)
  Philips Radio using: ECC85, ECH21, EF89, UABC80, UL84, UY85 B2X12A (227,531 bytes) (nl)
  Philips Radio using: ECC85, ECH81, EF85, EABC80, EL84, EZ80 B3X02A (271,699 bytes) (nl)
  Philips Radio using: ECC85, ECH81, EF89, EBF89, EAA91, ECC83, EL84, EZ81, EM80 B6X12A (328,728 bytes) (nl)
  Philips Radio using: UCH42, UAF42, UBC41, UL41, UY41 BX290U (1,185,906 bytes) (nl)
  Philips Radio using: ECH21, 2x EAF42, 2x EL41, EM4, AZ1 BX704A (2,801,993 bytes) (nl)
  Philips 20 Watts studio monitor amplifier using EF86, 2xEF80, 2x EL34, GZ34 EL3720 (867,311 bytes)
  Philips 20 Watts amplifier using 2x EL81 photo EL6400 user manual (815,152 bytes) (nl)
  Philips 20 Watts amplifier using 2x EL81 EL6401 (75,817 bytes)
  Philips 40 Watts amplifier using 4x EL81 EL6411 (21,255,957 bytes) (nl)
  Philips 70 Watts amplifier using 2x EL34 EL6420 (1,540,769 bytes)
  Philips 70 Watts amplifier using 4x EL36 EL6425 (1,914,757 bytes) (nl)
  Philips 120 Watts amplifier using 4x EL34 EL6431 (html page)
  Philips 140 Watts amplifier using 4x PE06/40N EL6435/00 (1,121,921 bytes)
  Philips 1000 Watts amplifier using E80CC, 2xE80L, 2xEL34, 2xQB3.5/750, 6xDCG4/1000G-01, 2xDCG1/250, EL6471/00 (12,751,179 bytes) (nl)
  Philips Standard Signal Generator using EF50N, EF51, EF42, 150A1 & AZ41 GM2653 (5,685,643 bytes) (nl)
  Philips The first Philips oscilloscope (1935)
GM3150 (html page)
  Philips The 2nd Philips oscilloscope GM3152 (3,216,957 bytes)
  Philips Philoscope GM4140 (html page)
  Philips Oscilloscope using: DG10-6 and 40 series tubes. (no complete circuit) GM5653 (1,703,464) (de)
  Philips Oscilloscope using: DG10-6, ECC81, 4x EF80, 2x EF91, ECL80, GZ34, 2x PL81, 3x PL83 GM5654 (2,301,565 bytes) (nl)
  Philips Oscilloscope using: DG7-6, 3x ECH81, 2x EZ2 GM5655 (966,527 bytes) (nl)
  Philips Oscilloscope using: DG7-32, 2x ECC81, 1x ECH81, 2x EF80, 2x EZ80 GM5655/03 (1,218,111 bytes) (nl)
  Philips Oscilloscope using 40-series tubes. GM5660 service doc. (17,971,563 bytes) (nl)
  Philips 'HF' Milivoltmeter using: EF40, EF51, EF50N ECH21, EZ2 (User Manual) GM6005 (1,321,699 bytes) (nl)
  Philips LF Milivoltmeter using: E80CF, E83F, 5x EF80, EZ80, PCL82, 85A2 GM6012 (2,047,855 bytes)
  Philips Tube Testers: 'Cartomatic II' GM7630 & 'Cartomatic III' GM7633 GM7630 GM7633 (html page)
  Philips Signal Tracer GM7600 GM7600 (204,633 bytes) (pt)
  Philips Standard Frequency GM8039 GM8039 (html page)
  Philips K7 - Color TV K7 (html page)
  Philips Power supply PE1530. Using GZ34, 2x EL34, etc. photo PE1530 (2,793,550 bytes)
  Philips PM2421 Digital Multimeter using ZM1000 nixie's PM2421 (59,736,388 bytes)
  Philips Oscilloscope PM3330 PM3330 (html page)
  Philips Pattern Generator PM5540 PM5540 (html page)
  Philips Very stable adjustable power supply. Using 6080. photo PW4029 (74,617 bytes)
  Philips PW4232 Scaler using Z550M tubes PW4232 (23,009,780 bytes)
  Philips Unknown Amplifier. Using GZ34, 2x EL34, 2x EF80, EF86. photo Unknown Amplifier (html page)
2021-05-11 Precision Model 660 Tube and Transistor Tester
Precision 660 (html page)
  RGD British radio using: VP41, TH41, HL41DD, EM34, SP41, HL41, PP3/250, UU7 1050C (html page)
2021-10-15 Tobe Tobe Amateur Communication Receiver Tobe Receiver (html page)