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Frank's electron Tube Data sheets VT type numbers  

() means type may be different.
[] means type has different properties.
In case of a substitute: no () or [].

American VT numbers
VT number Sys Alternative type numbers
VT100AP~ 807mod
VT100P~ 807 (CV124)
VT101  837 CV637
VT103ddt 6SQ7 CV1990
VT104ddt 12SQ7 CV546
VT105tt 6SC7 CV1969
VT106  803 CV623
VT107AP 6V6GT CV511
VT107BP 6V6G CV509
VT107P 6V6 CV510
VT108T~ 450TH
VT109  2051 CV1798
VT111CRT 1802P4 5BP4 CV836
VT112  1852 6AC7 CV660
VT114  5T4 CV1846
VT115AP 6L6G CV1947
VT115P 6L6 CV1948
VT116Ap 6SJ7GT CV592
VT116Bp 6SJ7Y CV866
VT116p 6SJ7 CV591
VT117Ap 6SK7GT CV1982
VT117p 6SK7 CV1981
VT118  832 CV1088
VT119  2X2 879 (CV597)
VT120  954 (CV1095)
VT121  955 (CV1059)
VT122  530
VT123  A5586 CV2715
VT124dd 1A5GT CV756
VT125P 1C5GT CV1805
VT126Arr 6X5G CV772
VT126Brr 6X5GT CV774
VT126rr 6X5 CV773
VT128OBH 1630 A5588 CV2715
VT129  304TL
VT130  250TL
VT131p 12SK7 CV543
VT132th 12K8spec
VT133  12SR7 CV700
VT134P 12A6 CV525
VT135At 12J5 CV534
VT135t 12J5GT CV535
VT136  1625 CV659
VT137  1626 CV1755
VT138  1629 CV1756
VT139  (CV216) VR150-30
VT140  1628 (CV622)
VT141  531
VT142  WE39DY1
VT143  805 CV625
VT144  813 (CV26)
VT145rr 5Z3 CV1861
VT146p 1N5GT CV1823
VT147H 1A7GT CV1802
VT148  1D8GT CV1811
VT149  3A8GT
VT150AH 6SA7GT CV1967
VT150H 6SA7 CV1966
VT151BH 6A8GT CV580
VT151H 6A8G CV578
VT152AP 6K6G CV1938
VT152P 6K6GT CV1940
VT153ddp 12C8spec CV837
VT154  814 CV629
VT158  CV997
VT161H 12SA7 CV537
VT162p 12SJ7 CV697
VT163  6C8G CV1896
VT164P~ 1619 CV723
VT165P~ 1624
VT166  371A
VT167Ath 6K8G CV1944
VT167th 6K8 CV1945
VT168A  6Y6G CV515
VT169ddp 12C8 CV531
VT170  1E5GP CV766
VT171A  [1R5]
VT171H 1R5 CV782
VT172dp 1S5 CV784
VT173p 1T4 CV785
VT174P 3S4 CV820
VT175  1613 CV655
VT176  1853 6AB7 CV1873
VT177dt 1LH4 CV780
VT178H 1LC6 CV778
VT179p 1LN5 CV781
VT17  860 (CV640)
VT180P 3LF4
VT181rr 7Z4 CV1790
VT182tt 1291 3B7 CV811
VT183R 1294 1R4 CV2709
VT184v` CV3799 VR90-30
VT185P 1299 3D6 CV815
VT187R 575A
VT188ddt 7E6 CV891
VT189tt 7F7 CV893
VT190p 7H7 CV895
VT191T~ 316A CV683
VT192t 7A4 CV1770
VT193p 7C7 CV1777
VT194tH 7J7 CV897
VT195rr 1005 CV2874
VT196rr 6W5G (CV574)
VT197Arr 5Y3GT CV1856
VT198AP 6G6G CV1926
VT199p 6SS7 CV1993
VT19  861 (CV641)
VT1t WE203A
VT200v` CV686 VR105-30
VT201CP 25L6GT CV553
VT201P 25L6 CV552
VT202t 9002 CV664
VT203p 9003 CV665
VT204T~ CV789 HK24G
VT205ddt 6ST7 CV1996
VT206Arr 5V4G CV729
VT207tt 12AH7GT CV529
VT208H 7B8
VT209p 12SG7 CV694
VT210P 1S4 CV783
VT211p 6SG7 CV1978
VT212  958 CV650
VT213A  6L5G CV862
VT214  12H6 CV916
VT215ti 6E5 CV1906
VT216  816 CV724
VT217  811 CV628
VT218  100TH CV2552
VT220  250TH CV2589
VT221P 3Q5GT CV819
VT222  884 CV647
VT223  1H5GT CV1820
VT224TT~ (CV18) RK34
VT225  307A CV2612
VT226  1806P1 3EP1 CV817
VT227  7184 (CV510)
VT228  8012 CV662
VT229tt 6SL7GT CV1985
VT22  204A CV2563
VT230  350A CV2629
VT231tt 6SN7GT CV1988
VT232  CV2920 E1148
VT233ddt 6SR7 CV867
VT234  CV3505 HY114B
VT235  CV3506 HY615
VT236  836 CV636
VT237  957 CV2700
VT238  956 CV649
VT239  1LE3
VT240  710A (CV1090)
VT241  1201 7E5 CV2704
VT243  1203A 7C4 CV2706
VT244rr 5U4G CV575
VT245  2050 CV2565
VT246  918 CV2692
VT247P 6AG7 CV1882
VT248  1808P1
VT249  1006
VT24  864 CV2675
VT250p (CV1091) EF50
VT251  441
VT252  923
VT254  304TH CV2611
VT255  705A CV3587
VT256  ZP486
VT257MAG (CV1807) (CV1808) (CV1809) (CV1810) K7
VT259PP~ 829 (CV2666)
VT25AT~ 10spec
VT25T 10 CV603
VT260  CV3798 VR75-30
VT264  3Q4 CV818
VT266  1616 CV656
VT267R 578 CV2967
VT268tt 12SC7 CV540
VT269  717A CV3594
VT26  22
VT277  417 (CV2642)
VT279  GY2
VT27  30 CV604
VT280  C7063
VT281  HY145ZT
VT282  ZG489
VT283  QF206
VT284  QF197
VT285  QF200C
VT286  832A CV788
VT287QQ~ 815 CV2663
VT288p 12SH7 CV922
VT289tt 12SL7GT CV924
VT28  24 24A CV936
VT29  27 CV944
VT2  WE205B
VT30  01A CV750
VT31  31 CV947
VT33  33 CV949
VT34  207
VT35  35 51 CV1752
VT36  36 CV1775
VT37  37 CV606
VT38  38 CV712
VT39A  869A (CV2723)
VT39  869 (CV2723)
VT40  40 CV2501
VT41  851 CV2671
VT42A  872A
VT42  872 CV642
VT43  845 CV735
VT44  32 CV711
VT45  45 CV610
VT46A  866A (CV32)
VT46  866 (CV32)
VT47  47 CV1772
VT48  41 CV608
VT49  39 44 CV1771
VT4B  211
VT4CT~ 211spec (CV2576)
VT50  50 CV2533
VT51  841
VT52T 45spec CV596
VT54  34 CV1751
VT55  865 CV2676
VT56  56 CV611
VT57  57 CV612
VT58  58 CV613
VT5  WE215A
VT60  850
VT62  801 801A CV621
VT63  46 CV2531
VT64  800
VT65At 6C5G CV581
VT65t 6C5 CV582
VT66AP 6F6G CV1911
VT66P 6F6 CV1912
VT67t 30spec
VT68ddp 6B7 CV1891
VT69  6D6 CV1900
VT6  212A (CV2577)
VT70  6F7
VT72  842
VT73  843 CV639
VT74rr 5Z4 CV1864
VT75  75 CV614
VT76  76 CV615
VT77  77 CV616
VT78  78 CV2544
VT7t WX12
VT80rr 80 CV617
VT83rr 83 CV618
VT84rr 6Z4 84 CV619
VT86Ap 6K7G CV1941
VT86Bp 6K7GT CV1943
VT86p 6K7 CV1942
VT87AH 6L7G CV1950
VT87H 6L7 CV1951
VT88Addt 6R7G CV1962
VT88Bddt 6R7GT CV1964
VT88ddt 6R7 CV1963
VT89  89 CV833
VT8  (CV2563) UV204
VT90Add 6H6GT CV1931
VT90dd 6H6 CV1930
VT91Ap 6J7GT CV1937
VT91p 6J7 CV1936
VT92Addt 6Q7G CV587
VT92ddt 6Q7 CV588
VT93Addp 6B8G CV1893
VT93ddp 6B8 CV1894
VT94At 6J5G CV1932
VT94Bt 6J5spec
VT94Ct 6J5Gspec
VT94Dt 6J5GT CV1934
VT94t 6J5 CV1933
VT95T 2A3 CV1831
VT96BTT 6N7spec
VT96TT 6N7 CV1957
VT97rr 5W4 CV1849
VT98  6G5 6U5 CV504
VT99  6F8G CV1917

Ministry of Service
VT number Sys Alternative type numbers
V132  CV1123
V1507SGT CV1507
VGT121A  CV1585
VGT121THY CV1121
VGT128THY CV1128
VI103ti CV1103
VR100p CV1100
VR101ddt CV1101
VR102tt CV1102
VR106Ap CV1598
VR106p CV1106
VR107H CV1107
VR108Ap CV1599
VR108p CV1108
VR109At CV1000
VR109t CV1109
VR116  CV1116
VR117At CV1584
VR117t CV1117
VR118P CV1118
VR119dd CV1119
VR122T CV1122
VR123p CV1123
VR124p CV1124
VR125p CV1125
VR126h CV1126
VR129p CV1129
VR130A  CV1586
VR130  CV1130
VR135  CV1135
VR136p CV1136
VR137t~ CV1137
VR17  CV1017
VR18q CV1018
VR19t CV1019
VR21  CV1021
VR22T CV1022
VR23p CV1083
VR27t CV1027
VR28q CV1028
VR32tt~ CV1032
VR35T CV1035
VR37t CV1037
VR38t CV1038
VR41q CV1041
VR43H CV1043
VR44ddt CV1044
VR49p CV1049
VR502P CV1502
VR503P CV1503
VR505  CV1505
VR53p CV1053
VR54dd CV1054
VR55ddt CV1055
VR56p CV1056
VR57Ao CV1570
VR57o CV1057
VR59  CV1059
VR65Ap CV1574
VR65p CV1065
VR66  CV1066
VR67t CV1067
VR78d CV1078
VR82th CV1082
VR91Ap CV1578
VR91p CV1091
VR92d CV1092
VR95Ap CV1579
VR95p CV1095
VR99Ath CV1581
VR99  CV1099
VS110Av` CV1582
VS110v` CV1110
VS68v` CV1068
VS69  CV1069
VS70v` CV1070
VT104P~ CV1104
VT105T CV1105
VT114A  CV1583
VT114T~ CV1114
VT127P (CV1127)
VT20  CV1020
VT23AT CV1565
VT23T CV1023
VT25A  CV1567
VT25T~ CV1025
VT26A  CV1568
VT30  CV1030
VT31  CV1031
VT34T~ CV1034
VT45t CV1045
VT46P CV1046
VT47  CV1047
VT4BT~ CV1553
VT501Ap~ CV1002
VT501p~ CV1501
VT506P~ CV1506
VT509  (CV62)
VT50t CV1050
VT510p~ CV1510
VT513  (CV44)
VT51P CV1051
VT52P CV1052
VT58AT~ CV1571
VT58T~ CV1058
VT60AP CV1527
VT60P CV1060
VT61Att~ CV1573
VT61BTT~ (CV18)
VT61tt~ CV1061
VT62T~ CV1062
VT73t CV1073
VT74p CV1074
VT75AP CV1576
VT75BP CV1577
VT75P CV1075
VT76T~ CV1076
VT79Q~ CV1079
VT80P~ CV1080
VT81P~ CV1081
VT88PP~ CV1088
VT89  CV1089
VT90  CV1090
VT93  CV1093
VT94T CV1094
VT98A  CV1580
VT98  CV1098
VU111  CV1111
VU113R CV1113
VU120AR CV1001
VU120R CV1120
VU133A  (CV54)
VU133R CV1133
VU134R CV1134
VU29R CV1029
VU33d CV1033
VU39Ar CV1596
VU39rr CV1039
VU504  CV1504
VU508  CV1508
VU64rr CV1064
VU71rr CV1071
VU72R CV1072
VU7A  CV1556
VW36T CV1036
VW42  CV1042
VW48q CV1048

General Post Office
VT number Sys Alternative type numbers
SV2v` CV1731
SV3v` CV1070
VR12C  (CV1559)
VR12F  (CV1560)
VR14A  (CV1563)
VT100Bt CV1670
VT102t CV1671
VT103BP CV1672
VT104T CV1040
VT105t CV1673
VT106p CV1674
VT107P CV1675
VT108t CV1676
VT109q CV1677
VT10D  (CV1558)
VT10T~ CV1610
VT110t CV1678
VT111T CV1679
VT112t CV1680
VT113p CV1681
VT114P CV1682
VT115P CV1683
VT116AP CV1685
VT116P CV1684
VT118Ad CV1686
VT118Bd CV1687
VT119p CV1169
VT11R CV1611
VT120  CV1688
VT121AT~ (CV1288)
VT122p (CV244)
VT125T CV1689
VT126p CV1690
VT127Add CV1691
VT127  (CV1187)
VT128t CV1692
VT130T~ CV1621
VT131T CV1168
VT132T CV1694
VT133dd CV1695
VT136P CV1118
VT137  CV1081
VT138R CV1623
VT139t CV399
VT13B  (CV1561)
VT13CT~ (CV1562)
VT140T CV1166
VT142rr CV1039
VT143t CV1696
VT144P~ CV1371
VT145Q CV243
VT146R CV1625
VT147th CV1697
VT148q CV1698
VT149p CV1349
VT150Ap CV1700
VT150p CV1699
VT151t CV1701
VT152t CV1702
VT153p CV1703
VT154t CV1067
VT155p CV1704
VT156p CV1705
VT157p CV1706
VT158P CV1707
VT159rr CV1708
VT160p CV1709
VT161p CV1710
VT162ddp CV1711
VT163P CV1712
VT164p CV1713
VT165p CV1714
VT166ddt CV1715
VT167t CV1716
VT168R CV1626
VT169P~ CV1717
VT16T~ CV1607
VT170tp CV1718
VT171R CV1719
VT177t CV1720
VT178t CV1721
VT179Q CV1722
VT17R CV1608
VT180p CV1053
VT181  CV1052
VT182p CV1723
VT183P CV1724
VT185p CV245
VT186p CV1726
VT187P~ CV1627
VT188p CV1727
VT189THY CV1128
VT190t CV1728
VT191R CV1628
VT193p CV1100
VT194ddt CV587
VT195  CV1863
VT196  CV509
VT197R CV1629
VT198P CV1075
VT199  CV124
VT19T~ CV1612
VT1A  (CV1550)
VT1C  (CV1551)
VT200p CV1065
VT201  CV1056
VT202dd CV1054
VT203  CV9
VT204  CV18
VT205P~ CV1630
VT206R CV1120
VT207p CV1091
VT21R CV1613
VT24t CV1636
VT25t CV1637
VT26  CV1600
VT27R CV1601
VT31Bt CV1639
VT31  CV1638
VT32Bt CV1640
VT32Dt CV1641
VT33t CV1642
VT34T~ CV1614
VT35R CV1615
VT36R CV1602
VT37Bt CV1643
VT37Ct CV1644
VT38At CV1646
VT38t CV1645
VT40t CV1647
VT46T~ CV1616
VT47T~ CV1603
VT51T~ CV1617
VT52T~ (CV1025)
VT53T~ CV1604
VT54T~ CV1618
VT56T~ CV1648
VT57  CV25
VT58T~ CV1619
VT59T~ CV1620
VT5B  (CV1554)
VT60T~ CV1605
VT61T~ CV1609
VT62T~ CV1606
VT65t CV1649
VT66t CV1650
VT68t CV1651
VT69t CV1652
VT72  CV249
VT73At CV1653
VT74t CV1654
VT75t CV1655
VT78t CV1656
VT79At CV1657
VT80At CV1658
VT81t CV1659
VT82t CV1660
VT85T CV1661
VT86t CV1662
VT87T CV1663
VT88t CV1664
VT89t CV1665
VT90t CV1732
VT91t CV1038
VT92t CV1735
VT93t CV1666
VT94t CV1667
VT95t CV1668
VT98t CV1669
VT9BT~ (CV1557) (CV1612)
VU16A  (CV1664)
VU6A  (CV1555)
VX3B  (CV1552)